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Our Services at a Glance

  • Body Repair

    Accidents can be big and small, our workshop is fully kitted out with the latest technologies and tools to repair everything from a Small Scratch to a more serious repair as apart of a car accident.

  • Paint Work

    All our Paintwork comes with a 5 Year Guarentee, we use the latest refinishing technologies from DeBeer and Glasurit to Refinish your Vechile back to the manufacturers spec. Our Low Brake Respray methodology is both quick and gentle on the environment. We are fully VOC Compliant with Wicklow County Council and the EPA. Independantly audited by NMU Inspection Services.

  • Vehicle Restorations

    We provide expert restoration of all Classic, Future Classic and Vintage models. You can supply the parts or we can source parts for you through our extensive trade links. Have that MGB, Triumpf or Rolls Royce looking as new as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

  • Computerised Diagnostics

    Our workshop is equiped with the latest in technology to diagnose electrical or ECU related issues with your vehicle. Covering all Major Makes and Models plus light commercial vehicles.

  • Air Conditioning

    Our technicians are fully F-GAS Certified for r134a and r1234yf Gasses by City and Guilds. From simple tasks such as Gas / Oil refill, Leak Testing, Compressor Testing or Compressor Replacement we have you covered.

  • NCT/CVRT Work

    From Headlamp Alignment to Rust Remediation our workshop is fully equipt to turn your Fail/Retest into a Pass. In cases of CVRT we work with several groups of engineers to produce reports for your Commercial Vehicle Should it need it, in order to get your business moving again.

  • Four Wheel Alignment

    During your vehicles daily routine it gets bangs and knocks which overtime will put your tracking out of alignment; We use the latest in computerised measurement technology to return your vehicles tracking back to the manufacturers specification. This stops your vehicle from pulling (where there is no additional component damage) and decreases tyre wear.

  • Soda Blasting

    We Provide Soda Blasting Services to remove paint from your vehicle to bring it back to the metal without damaging the protection on that metal. Soda Blasting is environmentally friendly using high pressure air and blast media (soda) similar to bread soda.